Riai Aikido

The Riai Aikido Association, founded in Auckland in 1977, has schools located in Auckland, Wellington, Tauranga and Australia. They offer a friendly and encouraging environment in which to pursue the art of Aikido, placing extra emphasis on the flowing and graceful aspects of the art.

Anyone interested in Aikido is most welcome to come along to any dojo and have a go. Each school welcomes beginners to their classes with some offering beginner courses and/or foundation classes.

Riai Aikido is affiliated to the California Aikido Association who are affiliated with Hombu Dojo, World Aikido Headquarters in Tokyo Japan. The Head of Riai Aikido is Sensei Henry Lynch 6th Dan with over 45 years’ experience in the Art and his teacher is Shihan Robert Nadeau (7th Dan), who was himself a student of the founder of Aikido, Morehei Ueshiba.

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