Danny McIntyre

In 1985 I started Aikido with the Aikikai University Club. However a shoulder injury put me out of action for several months. It was after this, in 1986, that I resumed Aikido with the Riai Aikido Club who was training at the Tepid Baths under the leadership of Johannes Buiter Sensei. Later that year a relocation brought training to the Ponsonby Community Centre which was the beginning of a relationship spanning 20 years.

I first met the Sensei’s Bob Nadeau and Richard Moon on one of their early visits to New Zealand. This was my first experience with the energetic, invisible side and spiritual aspects of the Art of Aikido. This has continued to enthrall and motivate my learning and inspired me to explore further and share my insights on the mat.

Learning is as much about ourselves as it is about the outside world. I invite and encourage students to become part of this awareness. New possibilities can be created and we open ourselves to new perspectives allowing for the potential of further self- discovery. The possibility then exists for our dojo learning to be integrated into our daily lives.

I actively contribute to the widening of the Aikido community by mentoring, encouraging and establishing ties with other lineages within New Zealand and Australia. I have promoted and strongly support the establishment of dojos throughout New Zealand and Australia and am a key facilitator in the successful creation and management of national camps and workshops in addition to the establishment of classes for children and youth.

I am currently 5th Dan and the senior teacher and dojocho at the Riai Learning

Danny McIntyre 5th Dan

, Auckland.