About AANZ

Membership of AANZ is open to all aikido clubs and organisations regardless of style or affiliation.
We are a not for profit organisation which aims to provide resources for the aikido community in New Zealand with a particular emphasis on developing coaching and club management skills.

The Aikido Association of New Zealand provides the following benefits for members

  • Recognition as the national organisation representing Aikido through Sport NZ
    • This helps if you need to apply for funding to support your organisations activities
    • Is the representative for Aikido for future Government Policy
  • Web presence for your organisation which  provides
    • Club search by prospective new members of your organisation
    • List of senior teachers willing to lead seminars throughout Australasia
    • Calendar of events in New Zealand
  • Expertise to support organisations  with
    • Administration setup
    • Setting up a club constitution
    • Membership management to enable your senior people to teach and train more
    • Applying for funding for key Aikido resources e.g. mats, rent grants etc.
    • Setting up a web site or maximise your current website
  • Training the Trainers!
    • In association with Sport NZ we will establish a national coach certification course for Aikido Teachers in NZ
  • Discounts for seminars in NZ for all your students
  • Media Liaison – promotion of Aikido in the media. A collaborative voice for Aikido in NZ
  • Inter Club communication

All of the above benefits are obtained for only $50.00 per organisation per year regardless of the number of clubs you have in your organisation. Now that’s a great deal!

If you want to join the Aikido Association on NZ please contact us through our Contact Page