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Kyu Shin Do Institute of Aikido

Our mission is to provide students with first class instruction in the Martial Art of Aikido by the following means: Promote the ideals and traditions of Aikido. Provide a safe environment for students. Teach a solid foundation of basic Aikido movement and techniques from which students continue to grow and learn. Develop discipline, self-confidence, self-control,



Gail Eder
22 Victoria Street, Warkworth
Auckland, Auckland 0910

094258253 (  Home )

Shodokan Aikido

Aikido is a great way to keep fit, learn some practical self-defense and improve self-confidence.   The lessons from the training spill over into your daily life making it one of the most beneficial sports you can take up on many levels.


Tatsu Gi Kai N.Z. Incorporated

An English Aikikai style introduced to New Zealand by Ron Russell (deceased).
Tatsu Gi Kai means evolution through form, and is a method of training that, using the Aikikai style, introduces techniques in a manner that makes it easy to understand, incorporating all the techniques.


Dianne Haynes
Head of Style

Tenshin Global New Zealand

Creating leadership through Aikido. New Zealand’s only club authorised to teach Tenshin Global in New Zealand



Craig Andrew
Head of Style
61 Garton Drive, Massey
Auckland, 0614

021 605015 (  Cell )