Kyu Shin Do Aikido (North Shore)


We offer a safe and friendly training environment and, as a 'not for profit' organisation we strive to keep our fees affordable for all.

The Kyu Shin Do style of Aikido was introduced to New Zealand in 1980, by the late Ron Russell 5th Dan. He was a student of the late Kenshiro Abbe who called his style of Judo, Kyu Shin Do,  Ron, seeing the relationship between Abbe Sensei’s judo and his aikido, choose to call his style of aikido Kyu Shin Do and we have subsequently adopted it.

Our Aikido has a unique learning structure based on 16 forms (each representing a way of attack) with 9 basic techniques being taught within each form. This provides the foundation which leads the student into the wider study that is aikido There is a strong emphasis on the development of teaching skills of the instructors to make sure the classes are fun, enjoyable and safe. We place equal emphasis on Aikido hand techniques and Aiki weapons training.

Our affiliations are to Institute of Aikido New Zealand and the Aikido Association of New Zealand.

Visitors from other clubs and styles from New Zealand and around the world are always welcome to join us at the dojo. Indeed, our continued contact with other styles means that we benefit from learning from a diverse range of visiting international and local instructors.


Monday: 7 – 8.30pm (Sensei Ray Eder 6th Dan)

Tuesday: 7-8.30pm (Sensei Gerald Lopez 4th Dan – MindBody Aikido)

Wednesday: 7-8.30pm (Sensei Colin Lee 5th Dan)

Thursday: 6.30-8pm (Sensei Mike Ashwell 6th Dan)

Monthly Training Fees

1st Family Member $50.00/month
Additional Family Members $20.00 / month
Payable from the month after registration

Special Offer:

For new members in 2023 we are not charging a registration fee


Email: ray@greder.nz

Phone: ‭02102377621‬