MindBody Aikido


MindBody Aikido is an art of learning to feel strong, stable and centred in yourself. From there you learn how to deal with incoming conflict, not by resisting or fighting, but by blending with and using your partner's energy.

MindBody Aikido is the practice of aikido with mind and body coordinated. We use the marvellous system of aikido, devised by the founder Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969), as a tool to explore synchronising mind and body to produce surprising results consistently.

Ueshiba emphasised that, to live optimally in the world, we need to harmonise with the forces of nature. This contrasts with the modern response of fighting with or trying to control nature or other people.

In order to harmonise with the world, we need to relax physically, to calm our mind and senses, and be open to what the world and people are saying to us. By practising mindbody coordination, we naturally live and act according to the principles of nature.

A Way (Do) is an ancient approach to study and practice, which involves self-discipline and introspection, through which a person can come to understand their limiting and conflicted beliefs, and transcend them. This not an intellectual approach, but a holistic approach involving body and mind, which transforms a person’s life experience.

Gerald Lopez 4th Dan has been practising since the early 1980s, and was a student of the first British Chief Instructor, Sensei Kenneth Williams.

You can find us on the North Shore

Classes: Tuesdays 7-8.30pm
Cost: $50/month
Instructor: Gerald Lopez, 4th Dan


94 College Road
Northcote, Auckland 0627
New Zealand


Email: gezznz@gmail.com

Phone: 021 123 5023